Brutus on Designboom

Torino, November 2021

Designboom on algalized leather by Brutus and Cesare Griffa

Designboom published a beautiful article about the special leather jacket died with micro-algal developed by Italian fashion brand Brutus together with Cesare Griffa.


italian brand brutus is revolutionizing the fashion world by using algae to dye their leather jacket designs. the company is set to commence an ambitious project born from a simple intuition of the founding team: dyeing vegetable tanned leather with pigments more extreme than ever — a concept that will help brutus save energy, resources, and money as well. this concept has resulted in the creation of a special coloring and treatment called algalizing SP, obtained from algae powder.

this algalizing SP idea best represents the creative and business reality that brutus lives every day. in fact, it is precisely within the architecture and design studio of cesare griffa, where brutus is based, that the experimental work takes place. ‘algalizing is a path that cesare has been exploring for years, expressing it in multiple forms, so it was a spontaneous decision to unite our two paths, experiencing a new life … on a new canvas … in a new color …,’ the fashion brand shares.

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