Cesare Griffa is a designer.

His works sometimes have a clear function, other times it is about evanescence. Their narratives revolve around the relationship between humankind and planet Earth. It is about the emergence and the essence of life and the relativisation of time. It is also about celebrating humanity’s ingeniousness and worshipping our most elusive spirits.


Trained as an architect, Cesare Griffa is a designer who spends most of his time creating works that explore the intricate love affair that binds humankind to our planet


These works, each made with a specific material, sometimes bear a mark and are organized in series. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium.


Arte Laguna Price 2020

Cesare will present an installation of Ops! chairs at the exhibition of the finalists of...

CTMP Design Auction

Cesare’s work “Dr Oparin and Mr Haldane", a piece unique composed of two specially coated...