Cesare’s works range from Closed Water Installations, to Energy Bottles, Algal Drawings, Magic Clays, Wooden Furnitures, Skeletal Objects, and Small Architectures. Some works mix together different types of these media.

Each piece is unique or produced in limited editions.

Closed Waters Installations

Cesare’s creative interpretations of what science calls a “photo-bioreactor” consist of installations made of transparent materials, such as glass or plastic, containing living solutions of water and micro-algae. Rather than maximizing efficiency and growth rates, they investigate the hypnotic sway that the bubbling flow of the solution have on the human senses. The effect is to temporarily alter our state of consciousness, heightening awareness of the inside and bringing together mind and body. Closed Waters brings us face to face with micro-algae, tiny creatures that are so apparently insubstantial, yet they were the first living creatures on Earth and will likely survive us, opening our mind to an acceptance of the precariousness of the human condition.

Energy Bottles

Glass bottles or ampullae of different shapes and sizes are filled with organic liquid solutions made with living organisms such as cyanobacteria and algae and stabilizing agents such as resin, oil, and alcohol. The energy of the living matter is captured within the bottle just like the magic of the jinn is imprisoned in the lamp. Energy Bottles are powered by the magic of life, but are never to be opened.

Algal Skins

 Cesare’s Algal Skins are an investigation of the relationship between humans and their natural environment. In these works, homemade inks (made from living organisms such as micro-algae stabilized in resin, oil or alcohol) are used to mark leathers and papers. The marks draw circles, rounded triangles or infinite lines and bear the memory of the desperate human need to seek meanings in life. The materials are a celebration of the magic and the generosity of our world. The micro-algae witness the appearance of life on the Planet. The leathers close circles of the food industry by using the inedible for other purposes. And the papers are used since the dawn of humanity to collect mythologies and religious scriptures.

Magic Clays

Pottery is an ancestral human activity. Humans have been making clay pots and objects of all kinds for thousands of years, mostly for food storage and consumption, and for construction. It is the magic of Golem, the aimless living mud man brought to life by a terrifying religious energy. Cesare’s Clays celebrate the ingeniousness of humans in creating both functional and magical things.

Wooden Furnitures

Sourcing and working wood is an ancestral, age-old human activity, and one we will keep doing until the end. Some of Cesare’s wooden furnitures are coated with organic homemade paint using micro-algae, dung, oil and resins. Others are burned to preserve wood and to purify their body and soul.

Skeletals Objects

Bones are frightening. They remind us of death and help people come to terms with the inevitable. Cesare’s objects done with bones bear the memory and the spirit, of the animals they belonged to. They witness what came before us and might suggest what will come after.

Small Architectures

Architecture is a manipulation of space, in accordance (or not) with people that live/own it. Manipulating space is an honour that is earned by understanding what people want but are often unable to express. Taking up this honour means developing ideas that fulfils those needs and bringing them to reality through construction.