Arte Laguna Price 2020

Arsenale Nord Venezia, 2 October 2021

Cesare will present an installation of Ops! chairs at the exhibition of the finalists of Arte
Laguna Proce 2020 curated by Igor Zanti and Matteo Galbiati with the collaboration of
fiftheen international jurors.

“There are more chairs than asses” said Bruno Munari.
“We need to design new asses rather than other chairs” replied Ettore Sottsass.
We didn’t plan to design a chair. And yet it happened. Perhaps it is one of those things that
happens sooner or later in the life of a designer.

The OPS! series is part of the “Wooden Things” series. Works in this cycle are functional
and dysfunctional objects made in wood. Sourcing and working wood to make things is one
of the most ancestral human capacities that will accompany humanity until the end. The
magic is that this activity has been made for thousands of years, and there is always room
for new objects with unprecedented functions and forms. Functional objects have simple and
settled uses and engage a passive reaction in people. Dysfunctional objects have
unexpected uses that ask for an active approach to understand what they are made for.
Sometimes objects are made to physically interact with people, other times they interact on
an abstract level.

OPS! furnitures can be installed as single elements, or, better, as a full installation with a
number of them occupying a 6/10 sqm surface.