The Palienish is Cesare’s signature. It comes from a cross breeding of a Panda with an Alien and a Fish.

The Panda is white, black and asian and eats bamboo. It’s an open minded creature concerned about the future. The Alien comes from outer space. It’s a special creature that thinks laterally. The Fish swims smoothly in the water. It’s an elegant creature that moves fast and silently.

So it’s the Palienish, an open minded, special, smooth creature that thinks differently, moves silently, and is concerned about the future.


Trained as an architect, Cesare Griffa is now an experimental designer that spends most of his time creating works that explore the intricate love affair that binds humanity to its planet.

He spent many years working for big architectural firms such as Zaha Hadid Architect, Arata Isozaki, ARUP and ArchA, and in the Academia at Politecnico di Torino, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Istituto Europeo del Design (IED), and Domus Academy.


His practice focuses on using mainly organic matter such as micro-algae, leather, wood, charcoal, oil or wax to create objects, installations and spaces that sometimes have a clear function, and other times have an evanescent nature.

The narratives turn around the relationship between humankind and its planet. It’s about the emergence and the essence of life and the relativisation of time. It’s also about celebrating human’s ingenuity and worshipping its most elusive spirits.

Such exploration enters in territories often haunted by human demons looking for the magic of life, the sense of living, and sparkles of possible futures.


Works have been widely exhibited including the Venice Biennale, Ljubljana Biennal of Design, Share Festival, Milano Design Week, Dutch Design Week, Dubai Design Week, DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum with Ars Electronica, ITU Telecom World Conference, Trinity College Science Gallery.


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