April 2018, a wooden SpaceShip lands in Milan

Rubner SpaceShip, Fuorisalone 2018 April 2018, a wooden spaceship lands in front of the Castello Sforzesco, in Milan. Leaning on its metal feet, the wooden cabin opens through a door that becomes a ramp allowing visitors to access an evocative and Planet friendly futuristic environment. The Rubner SpaceShip is the new concept-building exhibited at the 2018 … Continue reading

first phase of corona verde Nichelino 2 approved!

CORONA VERDE NICHELINO 2 is the project of a linear park that connects Nichelino city center to the areas of the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi, on the south edge of Torino. This project is part of the wider Corona Verde Masterplan that aims to connect all the cities around Torino through a grenways system. … Continue reading

616 series: outdoor sitting system

616 series benches drawing a "go green :-)" txt in the nature

We are working on a  landscape project for which we needed a family of benches that could be connected to each other to form straight and curvy lines. Surprising… We couldn’t find in the market products suitable to our needs (and we were very happy to enjoy designing new benches!). So we developed a sitting … Continue reading

Punta Marina Terme (Ravenna)

Progetto per il Concorso di idee bandito dal Comune di Ravenna per la “RIQUALIFICAZIONE E RIORDINO URBANO E DELL’IMMAGINE DI PUNTA MARINA TERME”. Una nuova area pedonale dalla città al mare Il progetto prevede la realizzazione di un nuovo percorso pedonale per collegare i diversi poli della città: Piazza San Massimiano, Via dell’Ancora, Via dei … Continue reading

parco solare sud

our proposal for the idea competition Parco solare Sud has been selected in the top classified on over 200 entries. … from the competition brief The municipalities of Scilla and Bagnara are crossed by some ten kilometres of Italy’s Autostrada del Sole (A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria Highway), constructed, for the most part, in the … Continue reading

dingbat competition: i-housing

DINGBAT 2.0 – SANTA MONICA “Dingbat Competition, Choose Your Own Home Tour Wednesday, April 21, 2010, by Adrian Glick Kudler LOS ANGELES: The folks at the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design pass on word that they’ve recently launched a competition called Dingbats “to look at the condition of the ubiquitous housing type … Continue reading

metamorfosi, torino

Concept “If the past ten years have been about discovering post-institutional social models on the web, then the next years will be about applying them to the real world. Transformative changes happens when industries democratise, when they are ripped from the sole domain of companies, governments and other institutions and handed over to the regular … Continue reading

corona verde, venaria

The project is finalized to design urban furniture for the area of Venaria along the banks of Ceronda and Stura di Lanzo rivers, included the area adjoining Venaria Royal Palace park. Cesare Griffa wins the tender. He is in charge of design , realization, measuring and accounting of five “urban devices” that act as furniture … Continue reading

santa & cole installation @ porte palatine, torino

Barcellona in piazza, Torino (Italy) Event realized for the UIA2008 Congress in Torino. Cesare Griffa is in charge of the general co-ordination, organization of the building site and the works of installation of some urban design elements selected from Santa & Cole’s catalogue by Beth Gali Office (Barcelona) (built in June 2008) Client: Santa & … Continue reading