WaterLilly 1.0 “Gramp” 2012

Waterlilly Venice from cesare griffa on Vimeo.

Water Lilly Gramp 2012 is a prototype conceived to be used in the near future to populate building surfaces enhancing sustainable behaviors. Acting as a photo bio reactor, Water Lilly Gramp 2012 creates the conditions for growing micro-algae over architectural surfaces like building envelopes.

WaterLilly Gramp 2012 is the first built prototype of the WaterLilly family. It has been fabricated in 2012 to be presented at the exhibit  Traces of Centuries and Future Steps, collateral event of the Venice Biennale of Architecture, Palazzo Bembo, Venice, August 25th – November 25th 2012.

Being a dynamic thermal mass, the water based bio-solution contained in the pipes of the system can interact with the hvac systems of the building by carrying heat or cool temperature from one side to the other, optimizing thermal flows and potentially reducing energy costs in the maintenance of the building temperature. Feed with light, mineral salts and carbon dioxide, the algae grow into a biomass than can then be treated to create bio-fuel and other carbon based polymers. The system at work offers the possibility of an extra-ordinary green night enlightenment, while giving its contribution to carbon dioxide absorption from the environment.

Water Lilly Gramp 2012 is composed of a wall component and a service module. Her nervous system is composed of a micro-algae tank, a touch sensor, LED strips, a solenoid that controls a CO2 tank, a water pump, an aerator, and an Arduino based control board. She gets excited when people touch her sensor, and she boost her metabolism through an increase of the light coming from the LED strips, and by an injection of CO2 through the solenoid mounted over the CO2 tank.

Water Lilly Gramp 2012 has been designed using open modelling software and produced using open digital manufacturing technology. The project kit is published under a Creative Commons licence and is fully downloadable here (Full wip project kit download). The Water Lilly kit contains: software modeling script, technical drawings for cutting machines, list of hardware and software required, and mounting scheme. Build your own Water Lilly or customize her, and enjoy!

conceived and designed by Cesare Griffa with Massimiliano Manno, Denise Giordana, Federico Borello
fabricated @ Fablab Torino, powered by Officine Arduino
special thanks to Sara Bigazzi, Franco Magni, Davide Gomba, Enrico Bassi, Federico Vanzati, Antonio Ravarino, Gabriele Ricchiardi, Federico Rizzo, Marco Caprani, Francesco Puccio, Stefano prds, Marco, Juan Carlos Osorio, Federico Del Gaudio, Andrea Patrucco

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