WaterLilly 3.17

WaterLilly 3.17 is a photobioreactor for indoor farming of edible algae like spirulina. It is dedicated to families for private use of super-healthy-food and to small algaepreneurs willing to sell the biomass in local farmers markets with zucchini and tomatoes.

WaterLilly opens up new possible applications for indoor microalgae farming in areas with a high design standard. It also opens to the possible integration of microalgae farming in buildings with large CO2 emissions that can be used by the algal cells to enhance their photosynthetic activity, resulting in the drastic reduction of CO2 emissions.

WaterLilly engages local communities with a high environmental and health awareness.

Design credits: Cesare Griffa with Antonio Ravarino, Andrea Vissio, Matteo Salomone, Danilo Olivero, Pietro Perlino, Claudio Cannucciari
Algae by Fotosintetica & Microbiologica srl

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