Bioskin (microalgae facades)

bioskin 130 sqm

Cesare Griffa is the promoter of the Bioskin Consortium to design and build microalgae based liquid green facades.

The Bioskin facades create a positive symbiosis within the built environment producing a series of virtuous effects for the environment:

  • reduce buildings CO2 emissions by photosynthetic carbon fixation;
  • use the algae solution thermal storage capacity to reduce energy required for HVAC;
  • create a beautiful facade that could be used to reshape ugly industrial and commercial buildings, enhancing them with new sustainable features;
  • reduce land use for growing microalgae, letting it available for other edible crops;

Bioskin creates a novel private investment opportunity through the selling of the algal biomass with short payback time (in optimal growing conditions, payback time is 1.6 year).

The Bioskin system can be deployed in a number of different configurations that use different specific components to optimize the output by the client’s needs, including the use of plastic bags photobioreactors (for temporary installations) and tubular glass for long term installations.

The Consortbioskin full service1ium aims to develop projects for private or public clients as well as research proposals for public funding through the EU Commission and other funding entities. Members of the Consortium (a list of members will be published soon) cover all the know-how needed for a full micro-algae facade construction and biomass production including the following activities: architecture, engineering, biology, general contracting; and include some major producer of the supply chain. The Consortium offers a full service that includes custom design based on client’s needs, construction, startup of the cultures, and maintenance programming. It offers also options on different possible downstream processes for the treatment of the produced biomass, customized on client’s business ideas.

Download Bioskin Brochure here.


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