Private Houses

Over the last few years, we have been working on quite a few private houses. Working on a private house is not about style. From parametric design to shabby chic, from continuous surfacing to recycling, from digital fabrication to traditional construction. Everything is allowed. It all depends on the delicate relationship that the architect is able to build with the client. A house for living is a very intimate space defined by the close relationship between client and architect. The architect needs to play the psychologist to explore the real willings of the client and translate them into spatial concepts to be then developed into enviromentally aware architecture.

Recently, we teamed up with Paolo Scoglio  to join our forces in the proposition of innovative, energy efficient, dismountable, sustainable housing using mainly wood and glass for private clients and resorts. It’s an architecture with an optimized process of construction organized  through a strong pre-fab in the workshop and very fast assembly on site. Construction times get shorter and the final building is assembled in a matter of days.


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