People and contacts

cesare griffa architecture lab

via andorno 24b
10153 torino (italy)
t+f +39 011 839 0000

Cesare captured by Alfredo Sabbatini

Cesare Griffa  is an an architect and an educator. He likes to tinker with computers, electronics, algae, and plants.










More people: Antonio Ravarino, Federico Rizzo, Claudio Cannucciari, Dario Nocera, Pietro Perlino, Tibor Antony, Nikolaos Argyros, Matteo Amela, Federico Borello, Marco Caprani, Gianni Bruera, Marco Mignone, Max Manno, Denise Giordana, Chiara Tournour, Federica di Iorio, Mauro Fassino, Davide del Giudice.


4 Responses to “People and contacts”
  1. Alex Matthews says:


    I’m Alex Matthews, a 3rd year student of Architecture at Louisiana tech University, and our current studio project is a remediation lab for the Gowanus Canal in New York. I was wondering if you could give me some more details on your project for the Gowanus, such as your plans for the remediation of the canal. Any insight to it would be most helpful.

    Thank you,
    Alex Matthews

    P.S. – Sweet Site!

    • griffa says:

      Hi Alex, the Gowanus project was more a spatial concept. We didin’t went through any system to process the canal. I guess it would be thrilling to find some kind of algae or bio-creature able to oxygenate and revitalize the eco-system.

  2. hamidreza rezazadeh says:

    I’m Hamidreza Rezazadeh. I’m MA. bionic architecture In Iran. my thesis is about designing an algae facade for hot dry climate. was wondering if you could give me some more details on your project to help me about it. if ok, I’ll send you back my questions.
    best regards

    • griffa says:

      Dear Hamidreza, unfortunately we cannot share more details, but if you send us your sketches and ideas via mail we will be happy to give you some advices.

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