The Sabba Shooting

We just met great new friends: Alfredo Sabbatini and his fabulous people at Teatro Magico. As a first collaborative experience, we went to his studio for a shooting afternoon, and we end up with a series of glamorous portraits of us three… Great experience. We will likely spend part of our trips together. Other joint projects coming soon :) More … Continue reading

Monstruous Xmas to everybody!

Here’s some pics of the monsters and table settings we lasercut for Xmas :) Vector file for home crafting available here. Enjoy your monstruous Xmas!

Mediterranean Sea

Here we go: during the next few weeks, studio activity will be reduced to its minimum while we will be sailing and pirating around the Mediterranean Sea :P See u in the water, or in late summer!

Micro-algae architecture practice

November 2013: it’s time for cleaning up the studio space. Old stuff out, white paint on the walls, some WaterLilly floating around, people working in a nice and clean environment, and lots of algae stuff! We’re ready for an exciting new winter during which we will be developing systems to bring micro-algae bio-technology in architecture … Continue reading

making Egg(bot): Buona pasqua!

Per festeggiare Pasqua, abbiamo montato una stampante Eggbot e ci siamo messi a plottare sulle uova. Gran divertimento, e tante frittate! Buona Pasqua!


check out our new CGTV VIMEO video channel  

fabbing experiments (OwO)

today a weird object appeared in the studio… we all wonder what that is. please help by filling the poll!

black out! & water bio experiments…

2 hours blackout yesterday night… good time for a color LED elnlighted prosecco time! here are some pix, together with some latest studiolife pix: water experiments, hydroponic greenhouse upgrades, new gadgets in our goldenfish waterhouse, temporary water house…


just installed a very funny application from A little script spreads jpgs  in selected shapes. Easy interface. No watermarks in full licensed edition. here some pics I enjoyed doing this morning… emoticons made with my face… kind of Narcissistic, I know ;-)

new klick n kut

A brand new little toy just arrived in the office: a highly addictive cnc paper cutter called klic n kut… The Klic-N-Kuts are top-of-the line digital die cutters with 950g of cutting force and up to 600mm/sec cutting speed. These machines can cut everything from vinyl to rhinestone rubber, from paper to chipboard, from thin … Continue reading


some almost late night pix in office @ work… and me @ polito, teaching (or learning…) how to fly… (thanks cesar madrigal for the pic)