Meeting MARIO TREDICI (Sneak Peek)

On the 21st of February 2018, I traveled to Florence for a next step of the project “The unsustainable lightness of making” for a deep dive into microbiology with Mario Tredici, a biologist that has spent the last thirty years studying and characterising microalgae strains. Mario has a very precise vision on the tiny biochemical processes … Continue reading

Imperia Smart Land – Sentient River

Tomorrow, cg will participate at the conference “Progettare la Sicurezza del Territorio” organized by the Ordine degli Arhcitetti di Imperia, to launch the idea of a Early Warning System (Sentient River), to be experimentally applied in the Imperia region, with the goal of providing an open monitoring platform to generate and elaborate data on the … Continue reading

Vertical Algae Farm 2014

Last year, we were involved in the design and development of a vertical algae facade for Expo 2015 in Milan. Based on our WaterLilly 2.0, the system was designed to wrap the Future Food District pavilion curated by Carlo Ratti Associati and MIT Senseable City Lab. It was a facade of 75 x 18 m, approximately … Continue reading

WaterLilly 2.0 @ FuoriSalone 2014

During the Design Week in Milan (8-13 April), and until 18 April, a real scale prototype based on the latest evolution of the WaterLilly family (2.0) will be present in the space curated by Carlo Ratti Associati at the FuoriSalone 2014 in Milano at the Interni magazine  major Exhibition-Event FEEDING NEW IDEAS FOR THE CITY. … Continue reading

algae lab development

In the last few months we’ve been working hard with algae. New experiments include: – setting up of self-sufficient systems with living animals – refining growing and harvesting techniques – building a micro-algae library – optimizing feeding solutions – design of vertical systems for façade wrapping We are working with Carlo Ratti’s team to set up … Continue reading

Massachussets Institute of Technology senseable city Lab

As part of the Fulbright Research Scholar program, Cesare Griffa is joining the MIT Senseable City Lab in Cambridge (MA) as Visiting Scholar to further develop the research on the integration of algae photo bio reactors within architectural surfacing.

Waterlilly on Tinkerkit

Waterlillly has been published in the Tinkerkit project page. WayerLilly is a social creature: when people come close to her, she gets emotional and increases the algae biomass through the augmentation of light and CO2 released in the bio-solution. The electronics that make that happen are based on an Arduino board, and sensors and components … Continue reading

Center for Architecture Science and Ecology

As part of my Fulbright program, over the next few months, I will spend some time as  a visiting scholar in CASE (Center for Architecture Science and Ecology) inside SOM Wall Street Office in New York. It will be a chance to explore the possibilities embedded in parametric generated smart components for sustainable architecture  in terms of … Continue reading

advanced parametric tools for sustainability in architecture

Below, an abstract of the Research Brief Proposal submitted to the Fulbright Commission to develop my research on smart creatures. Riding  through the topics of parametric design, rapid prototyping,  electronic hacking, biological hacking, with the final destination of setting up a solid background for innovative sustainable building technology design. ——————————————————————————————————————- Parametric design methods applied to the production of sustainable architecture Project Statement Based … Continue reading

RPI School of Architecture, Troy, Ny

cg just arrived in Troy (NY). I will spend the next 6 months researching on the topic of parametric design methods applied to the production of  sustainable architecture here at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute School of Architecture, thanks to a Fulbright Research Scholar Grant sponsored by the U.S. Government. During the research, we plan to fabricate some new working prototypes of … Continue reading

Water Lilly Brick

We’re beginning to explore new directions in the Water Lilly project, looking for a brick system that can be used to create architectural envelopes to grow micro-algae. This very first brick array is the starting point of an entire new research branch that aims to deveop real architectural components that can be used to create … Continue reading

WaterLilly @ SUPSI Disruptive Design Conference

A demo of WaterLilly will be presented in Switzerland next Friday @ SUPSI for the 8th Swiss Design Network Symposium 2012. We will show a video and spare parts of the installations now on in Venice and Ljubljana. Check out the Conference Program for more info.

Water Lilly @ Share Festival 2012 in Torino

water lilly algal bloom from cesare griffa on Vimeo. From October 30th to November 11th the video “Water Lilly algal bloom”  is on show in Torino at the “Share Festival 2012 – Open your City“. While introducing the basic concepts of photo bio reactors, the 3 minutes clip shows the construction and the public exhibition … Continue reading

Fulbright Meeting in Rome

Last Friday at the meeting of the Fulbright Commission in Rome with the other Fulbright Research Scholars from Italy 2012-2013.  

Water Lilly workshop @ Fablab Torino (2)

Some images from the two workshops hels @ FablabTorino on July 4th and July 9th. The third and last workshop will be on July 16th. Three groups are working with Arduino boards to add interactive behaviour to Water Lilly. The idea is that she is a social creature that likes to have people approaching her, she’s … Continue reading

Water Lilly workshop @ Fablab Torino

  Per finire in tempo la preparazione di  Water Lilly in vista della Mostra a Palazzo Bembo a Venezia, abbiamo pensato di organizzare un workshop a inviti al Fablab Torino. Dove e quando Fablab Torino, 3 luglio 2012 Cos’è Water Lilly? Water Lilly è un prototipo di foto-bio-reattore (cioè un marchingegno per allevare micro alghe) che stiamo … Continue reading


CG research proposal “Parametric design methods applied to the production of sustainable architecture” has been selected by the U.S.-Italy Fulbright Commission in Rome and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FSB) in Washington DC to be funded within the Research Scholar program for the academic year 2012-2013. CG will spend a period of 6 months in the Rensselaer … Continue reading


In this period, the studio looks like a science lab. We are growing a strain of chlorella to be used in “Water Lilly”, the photo bio-reactor installation we are preparing for the exhibit “Traces of Centuries and Future Steps” collateral event of the Venice Biennale of Architecture on August 25th 2012 at Palazzo Bembo. Hopefully, by the ends … Continue reading

alp design lab >>> alpine track data map

Finalmente è operativo il sistema di raccota dati sui track gps degli escursionisti che abbiamo realizzato con gli amici di Co-de-iT e di Alp Magazine . Il sistema è molto semplice: quando fate una escursione in montagna (o altrove), registrate il tracciato GPS con una app per il vostro smart phone  e inviatevi via e-mail … Continue reading

Alp Design Lab

In occasione del numero 280 della rivista ALP dedicato al Futuro (preview a questo link), in uscita in questi giorni in edicola, in collaborazione con Andrea Graziano (Co-de-iT) e Giulio Caresio (Alp Magazine), abbiamo ideato un laboratorio di sperimentazione per progettisti che vogliono cimentarsi sul tema della montagna (Alp Design Lab). Esploreremo temi legati a architettura, design, … Continue reading