e-monstricons on earth!!!

While working for the Nichelino corona verde project, we spent some time studying the baroque garden patterns of the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi. During a visit on site, we came across a little monster that live in the roof of the Palazzina close to the famous deer. Black skin and orange eyes, nose and … Continue reading

big (coconut) foot

big (coconut) foots are recycled coconut carpets foot shaped cut. they can be used as wall carpets, mats… if u cut many of them u can do a complete footprinted walk and use it as a direction signal. 4 steps simple DIY instructions: 1. find a old coconut carpet (not too dirty… or clean it!) 2. … Continue reading

happy pans (re-born)

nothing to do with happy pants, happy pans are old pans reused as kitchen accessory to bring color and happyness in home working space. DIY instructions are simple (and cheap): 1. find a series of old pans, possibly not too many sizes (even though a different composition could make it… might come sometime) 2. buy … Continue reading