Meeting YONA FRIEDMAN (sneak peek)

On the 30th of November 2017, I traveled to Paris to kick off the project “The unsustainable lightness of making” with an amazing conversation with Yona Friedman, the architect, the utopist, the artist, the man that is a beacon in the storm for the many interested in human creativity, nature and the future of our … Continue reading

Micro-algae architecture practice

November 2013: it’s time for cleaning up the studio space. Old stuff out, white paint on the walls, some WaterLilly floating around, people working in a nice and clean environment, and lots of algae stuff! We’re ready for an exciting new winter during which we will be developing systems to bring micro-algae bio-technology in architecture … Continue reading

e-monstricons on earth!!!

While working for the Nichelino corona verde project, we spent some time studying the baroque garden patterns of the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi. During a visit on site, we came across a little monster that live in the roof of the Palazzina close to the famous deer. Black skin and orange eyes, nose and … Continue reading

meeting makerbot people

last saturday, we met zach smith from makerbot industries. he was the first guest of fablabitalia @stazione futuro (see his speech here with massimo banzi intro). we spent the last week assembling a makerbot thing-0-matic 3d printer for the office, and helping the fablab guys to assemble another one for stazione futuro (they did it … Continue reading