IED MonsterTiling 2017

MonsterTiling is a system of intelligent components for architectural skins developed by the students of the Master in Smart Buildings and Sustainable Design of IED Torino in order to enhance passive behaviour on the external layer of the building envelope with the final goal to reduce energy needs. Each component is specialised for different and unique … Continue reading

Sammy P. in Berlin

Sammy P., the photosynthetic wall prototype designed and fabricated by IED Torino students of the Master in Smart Buildings and Sustainable Design, will be on show in the exhibit Human Factor – Endless Prototyping organized by Ars Electronica at Drive Volkswagen Forum in Berlin. Opening tonight, it will be on until the 27th of August 2016. … Continue reading

SAMMY P. first showcase @ Ventura Lambrate 2016

Our students of the Master in Smart Buildings and Sustainable Design at IED Torino spent the last 5 weeks practicing 3d modeling and parametric design softwares, digital fabrication techniques and physical computing with Arduino/Genuino. The result is the amazing installation SAMMY P. entirely designed and fabricated by them in this incredible short time. Mission impossible: accomplished! SAMMY … Continue reading

Welcome MiniLilly, the smallest member of our Lillies family!

Welcome MiniLilly! With its 2.5 liters of micro-algae solution, it’s the smallest photobioreactor we ever made. It’s meant to be the low-cost good-looking solution for newbies interested in starting their home algae little farm :) More info on the MiniLilly webpage, stay tuned a DIY Kit will be released soon!

LillyBot 2.0 – Official preview @ Popup Makers torino

LillyBot 2.0, our new prototype of a domestic microalgae farm will be previewed at Popupmakers @ Toolbox Torino on September 24 / h. 19,00. If you are around you are more than welcome to come over, and give your comments/advice. The full prototype presentation will then take place @ Maker Faire Rome on 3-5 October 2014. … Continue reading

cg talk @ Mini Maker Faire Torino

If you’re around, we will be very happy to meet you for the cg talk “creatures” tomorrow at 12,30 @ Mini Maker Faire Torino  in Via Agostino da Montefeltro 2 :) Full program here

WaterLilly 2.0 @ Mini Maker Faire Torino

WaterLilly 2.0 sarà presente alla Mini Maker Faire Torino sabato 31 Maggio 2014. Don’t miss it!

Officine Arduino joins the IED Master in Sustainable Architecture

Officine Arduino and its Fablab Torino are joining the Master in Sustainable Architecture – Smart Building and Urban Innovation @ IED Torino to provide professional support to students on the development of Smart Building Components. This collaboration aims to teach the students how to design and construct real scale working prototypes that, through their electronic nervous system (composed … Continue reading

@ MakerFaire Rome!

Only 12 hours to the first European MakerFaire in Rome… we will be there presenting the brand new  components of the WaterLilly family:  DemoLilly 2013, and WaterLilly_Starter_Kit 2013! Have a preview at the WaterLilly pages, and if you’re around, come to the Faire and join us to grab one of the micro-algae pipettes we are distributing … Continue reading

waterlilly family gets bigger and goes out!

Hey, check out the WaterLilly page. The family got bigger, three new members joined the 2012 components: Lilly_bot 2013, Demo_Lilly 2013, and Lilly Starter_Kit 2013. Lilly_bot-2013 is an automated device to cultivate edible micro-algae like Spirulina in a domestic environment. Having a personal micro-algae farm is an environmentally friendly way to produce and consume a complete nutritional source that grows … Continue reading

WaterLilly @ the Milano Design week show off

Ecco un po’ di immagini di WaterLilly alla Milano Design Week 2013 in mezzo ai suoi amici smanettoni!

WaterLilly a Milano

Continuano le scorribande di WaterLilly che, scoprendo di avere il dono dell’ubiquità, sara’ contemporaneamente presente a due eventi durante il Salone del Mobile in qualita’ di creatura figlia di un modo di fare aperto in cui i tanti progettisti e inventori che hanno partecipato in modo condiviso alla sua nascita hanno apportanto il proprio contributo … Continue reading

making Egg(bot): Buona pasqua!

Per festeggiare Pasqua, abbiamo montato una stampante Eggbot e ci siamo messi a plottare sulle uova. Gran divertimento, e tante frittate! Buona Pasqua!

Algae and the making of a photobioreactor presentation

A presentation that explains why it’s valuable to include algae as an architectural  feature, and how we built our photobioreactor prototypes WaterLilly.

advanced parametric tools for sustainability in architecture

Below, an abstract of the Research Brief Proposal submitted to the Fulbright Commission to develop my research on smart creatures. Riding  through the topics of parametric design, rapid prototyping,  electronic hacking, biological hacking, with the final destination of setting up a solid background for innovative sustainable building technology design. ——————————————————————————————————————- Parametric design methods applied to the production of sustainable architecture Project Statement Based … Continue reading

RPI School of Architecture, Troy, Ny

cg just arrived in Troy (NY). I will spend the next 6 months researching on the topic of parametric design methods applied to the production of  sustainable architecture here at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute School of Architecture, thanks to a Fulbright Research Scholar Grant sponsored by the U.S. Government. During the research, we plan to fabricate some new working prototypes of … Continue reading

Water Lilly @ Abitare il Futuro Conference in Napoli (I)

On 12-13 december, a paper on Water Lilly has been presented at the Conference “Abitare il Futuro” in Universita’ Federico II Napoli. Unfortunately, cg couldn’t go to lecture in Napoli, but the paper is available in the official proceedings.

Ljubljana Water Lillies

After the Palazzo Bembo Water Lilly in Venice, we went to Ljubjljana, where we set up a sister installation at the Museum of Architecture and Design for the BIO.23 Ljubljana Design Biennal. The new Water Lillies have a few upgrades: RGB LED systems, algae solution tank and Arduino control panel embedded in the wooden structures, … Continue reading

Water Lilly Venice video

Waterlilly Venice from cesare griffa on Vimeo. Here’s a video telling the stories around Water Lilly over the last few months.

Water Lilly arrived in Venice

Some pictures of the arriving in Venice of Water Lilly last friday. After a car trip fromTorino, and a Vaporetto ride, Water Lilly, Federico, Antonio and me arrived to Palazzo Bembo. It took 5 hours to attach the wall sticker, hang Water Lilly, and mount the service furniture. A couple of days before the opening … Continue reading