WaterLilly 3.17 prototype ready for testing

The prototype of the brand new WaterLilly 3.17, a photobioreactor for microalage indoor farming is ready, and testing is beginning. We plan to solve the major hydraulic and electronic issues in the next few weeks and have the first spirulina harvesting before Xmas :) more info here!

The Wall-rider’s House

Ask a skater why is he riding on a wall, he will have no answer. There is no answer to such a question. Riding on the walls is an attitude. A skater’s action driven by passion. There is any reasonable reason to ride on a wall. But it’s exciting, And fun. We just made a house … Continue reading

Sammy P. in Berlin

Sammy P., the photosynthetic wall prototype designed and fabricated by IED Torino students of the Master in Smart Buildings and Sustainable Design, will be on show in the exhibit Human Factor – Endless Prototyping organized by Ars Electronica at Drive Volkswagen Forum in Berlin. Opening tonight, it will be on until the 27th of August 2016. … Continue reading

Spectre room!

We have been commissioned to design and build an executive meeting room inspired by the 007 series Spectre organization. Here’s what we came out with: all kinds of invisible seamless digital technologies embedded in the walls, a futuristic board table and a vip lounge. Design by Federico Rizzo, Antonio Ravarino, Gianni Bruera Photo by Federico … Continue reading


During the Milano Fashion Week, from 25th February to 2 March 2015, in the Hotel Boscolo Milano Lounge (Corso Matteotti 30, Milano), an installation that we designed and produced for Nikon Shool and Alfredo Sabbatini, will welcome visitors of the exhibit of vintage pop fashion models curated by Franco Jacassi. On display dresses by Courrèges, Paco Rabanne, Emilio Pucci, … Continue reading

LillyBot 2.0 – Official preview @ Popup Makers torino

LillyBot 2.0, our new prototype of a domestic microalgae farm will be previewed at Popupmakers @ Toolbox Torino on September 24 / h. 19,00. If you are around you are more than welcome to come over, and give your comments/advice. The full prototype presentation will then take place @ Maker Faire Rome on 3-5 October 2014. … Continue reading


Abbiamo appena vinto la gara per la progettazione del nuovo De’ Longhi Official Store in San Babila a Milano. Si lavorerà tutta l’estate per inaugurare lo spazio in autunno. Per la parte di progettazione impiantistica, cost control e sicurezza, i nostri partner progettuali sono Fred srl. Buon lavoro a tutti! Gruppo di progettazione Layout architettonico: Cesare … Continue reading


Venerdi scorso si è inaugurata la nuova sede di Officine Arduino / FabLab Torino. La location è un capannone di circa 250 metri quadri in un più vasto complesso industriale in disuso in Via Egeo 16 a Torino, dove ha sede anche Toolbox Torino, spazio dedicato al coworking. Arduino è una scheda elettronica open source … Continue reading

Fablab torino opening

E’ ufficiale, venerdi 17 alle 18 inaugura il fablab torino in via Egeo 16 a Torino. E’ ufficiale anche il fatto che si tratti del cantiere più freddo degli ultimi tempi, ma venerdi sarà scaldato dai nostri cuori (e dal gas!). Il fablab torino è una officina delle meraviglie, in un complesso industriale in parte … Continue reading

Apre il FabLab Torino!

Ieri sul Blog di Arduino Massimo Banzi ha pubblicato un post che annuncia ufficialmente l’apertura delle Officine Arduino (che ospitano il FabLab Torino) il prossimo 17 Febbraio alle 18,30 in Via Egeo 16, ovviamente a Torino. Stiamo lavorando duro con tutto lo staff  perché tutto sia pronto in tempo (-22 giorno a oggi!) Presto, ci … Continue reading

fabber al lavoro!

Ecco l’immagine di un “fabber” al lavoro… eh sì, questa foto segna un momento importante: i nostri amici del FabLab Italia, che a Novembre hanno sbaraccato il + piccolo Fablab del mondo (25mq) dalle OGR per via della chiusura della Mostra Italia 150 – Stazione Futuro, si sono rimessi all’opera. Hanno trovato un nuovo capannone … Continue reading

happy pans (re-born)

nothing to do with happy pants, happy pans are old pans reused as kitchen accessory to bring color and happyness in home working space. DIY instructions are simple (and cheap): 1. find a series of old pans, possibly not too many sizes (even though a different composition could make it… might come sometime) 2. buy … Continue reading

fablab (fab)

in a few hours =>> big opening of the (probably) first italian fablab inside the exhibit “Stazione Futuro” for the Italia 150 events in the Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Torino. The lab will be active from mar. 17 to nov. 20, 2011. Brand new machines, brand new people, brand new blog… We are very proud to … Continue reading

first “emoticon_wall” experiment

we realized the first experiment of “emoticon_wall” here in the office… it’s  kind of rough, but a funny thing is that it looks like an ancient egyptian hieroglyphic wall. unless you’re a japanese teen, there’s no chance to tell what it says without using the code. here’s some pics…