Meeting MARIO TREDICI (Sneak Peek)

On the 21st of February 2018, I traveled to Florence for a next step of the project “The unsustainable lightness of making” for a deep dive into microbiology with Mario Tredici, a biologist that has spent the last thirty years studying and characterising microalgae strains. Mario has a very precise vision on the tiny biochemical processes … Continue reading

The unsustainable lightness of making

“The unsustainable lightness of making” is a new project that will take a considerable amount of my time and energy over the next few months or years. It’s going to be maybe a book, or a website, or an exhibit, or  a documentary… I don’t know yet. It is mainly a collection of ideas – … Continue reading

WaterLilly becomes a Nénuphar!

Great freshly published new book on FabLabs: FabLab La révolution est en marche, curated by Massimo Menichinelli for Editions Pyramyd. The book was out at the beginning of September 2015, and we recently received our copy in the studio. Funny thing: it’s a french book, and the WaterLillies have been translated to Nénuphar… Pretty cool!  

New Smart Building Master Program booklet by IED Torino

The booklet describing the program of the Master in Urban Sustainability and Smart Building @ IED Torino that will kick off in February 2015 is now available for download. Check it out here!

Smart creatures available on Lulu

The book Smart Creatures – Progettazione Parametrica per Architetture Sostenibili is available on at a very convenient price! check it out here!


Il libro “Smart creatures, progettazione parametrica per architetture sostenibili” è finalmente disponibile on-line a 14 € sul sito di Edilstampa. Ora, aspettiamo che venga listato in Amazon.

Smart Creatures – Progettazione parametrica per architetture sostenibili (the book)

In questi giorni sta uscendo il mio libro “Smart Creatures – Progettazione parametrica per architetture sostenibili” nella collana “The IT Revolution in Architecture”, curata da Antonino Saggio e pubblicata da Edilstampa a Roma. Si parla di progettazione parametrica, di fabbricazione digitale, di hack elettronici, di componenti architettonici che si comportano in modo sostenibile, di open … Continue reading

smart skin parametric workshop book draft available on

the draft version of the book cataloguing the workshop “smart skin for sustainable dwelling” held in sept 2010 @ polito, as a joint program rensselaer polytechnic institute (troy, ny) + politecnico di torino, is now available on lulu. edited by cesare griffa, ted ngai and graziella roccella, with all the students works and a prologue … Continue reading

antonino saggio lecture @ polito

Antonino Saggio

cg organized prof. Antonino Saggio lecture from the Università degli Studi La Sapienza di Roma (Italy) “Ogni generazione deve riscrivere la propria storia. A proposito di Architettura e Modernità – dal Bauhaus a la rivoluzione informatica.” Lecture appearing in the calendar of cultural events of the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Torino (Italy). this … Continue reading

Designing Connected Places Summer School, book

cg’s short paper Prototyping Diplomacies of Space has been published in the book Designing Connected Places, a collection of the work developed during the Torino World Design Capital 2008 Summer School. ……. Designing Connected Places, which took place from 13 to 29 July 2008, was an International Summer School on design for the local development including … Continue reading

la città cibernetica, meltemi editore (roma)

L’avvento delle nuove tecnologie informatiche ha cambiato radicalmente lo sviluppo delle metropoli europee contemporanee. La comparsa di nuove architetture avveniristiche ha messo in discussione molti schemi di pensiero abituali. Si tratta solo di un’innovazione delle forme o è la natura stessa degli edifici che sta subendo dei cambiamenti? E quali relazioni legano le città a … Continue reading