“There are more chairs than asses” said Bruno Munari.
“We need to design new asses rather than other chairs” replied Ettore Sottsass.

We didn’t plan to design a chair. And yet it happened.
Perhaps it is one of those things that happens sooner or later in the life of a designer.

We were working on a system of wooden bones to make medium-large sized structures like skeletons of big fantastic animals. Wooden joints, perhaps with a few screws here and there to keep them together. No glue. Dismountable and re-mountable. Each time in a different way.

And here it happened… Serendipity! A little corner comes out that seems to have been made just for us to put our ass on.

And there we go. We ended up designing a family of chairs for adults and children, stools of various heights, and tables. Infinite possible variations. We called them Plectrum, from the shape of the sitting area. They are three legged, stackable, and have very few components. Even less screws.

It’s not about innovation, complicated theories, maths or geometries. It’s just about lightness, simplicity, skilled design, quality materials and proper fabrication. All in all, we believe there’s something beautiful.


Design Team
Cesare Griffa with Antonio Ravarino, Silvio De Iaco, Stefania Totis, Federico Rizzo

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