Design activism

Last November and December (2018) I have been co-leadering with Lara Aleluia Reis (Engineer and Climate Change Specialist) and Marta Alves (Design coordinator) a  Workshop called “Climate Change: design activism for sustainability” in Domus academy Milan. Scope of the work was to design a “thing” to be used by people in the future (2050), a future under the consequences of climate change. It could be provocative and controversial.

It has been a great experience! I loved working with an mazing team of tutors and international students that eventually produced amazing Design Concepts: prosthetic wings powered by human blood, a magic tool to enhance food taste, interactive tattoo ink, a system that transforms energy into currency, a food island, and an inhaling food system.

Below some more info.

Workshop Abstract

Climate change is a global problem with massive implications for humans and Nature. The temperature of the globe is increasing leading to desertification, sea level rise, ocean acidification and extreme weather events menacing life as we know it. These impacts are not equally distributed around the globe leading to conflicts and more inequality. Human emissions of greenhouse gases, modify the earth systems profoundly and threaten the natural equilibria. Great challenges such as food availability, ecosystem degradation and energy supply are yet to be solved.

Design is able to understand the present and to envision the future, and has the power to address complex issues and to take action. The objective of this workshop is to understand the impact of climate change on Life and Earth and to address the topic from a future standpoint, designing objects, spaces, services or systems.

See full Design Brief here

See my presentation here


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