The Torino Graphic Days 2018‘s opening party on the 11th of October has been the show off scenario for the the new facade we recently designed for Toolbox Coworking in Torino.

An in-between building in the center of a ramp, formerly used as a technical space, has been transformed into a brand new robotic laboratory: the  STEAMLab, devoted to the crossdisciplinary research and advanced learning, where computational design bridge creative disciplines, automation, and material sciences.

The design has been developed in the realm of generative sustainable design to develop a dynamic facade composed by the repetition of the same wooden stick cut in different lengths in order to generate flowing lines and curvy voids. It’s incredibly simple, and adaptable in a continuous variation. We developed a Grasshopper definition to control the design and the fabrication of all the wooden sticks with a cnc milling machine.

Always the same.
Always different.

The wooden stick are issued from Russian larch coming from western Siberia. Not properly a km zero choice, but justified by its strong resistance to the natural elements and its stability that allow to use it without protective coating. The Russian larch is a tree that grows quite fast and has very regular fibres, giving material stability. Forests are rapidly renewed, and it’s categorised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as a Least Concern (LC) species.

>(+.-)< 18.10

Design: Cesare Griffa with Marco Caprani and Andrea Vissio
Wooden consultancy: Paolo Scoglio
Construction: AD Group Torino


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