WaterLilly 3.17 prototype fabrication kick off

We are so glad to announce the kick off of the fabrication phase of our new architectural photobioreactor: the WaterLilly 3.17.
Check here for more info.

WaterLilly 3.17
Architectural photobioreactor for spirulina

Working since 2011 on the idea of introducing microalgae technology into architecture, we met a lot of potentials investors, and we realized that they are usually fascinated by the idea of an architectural photobioreactor, but afraid of the complexity of the system and possible economic failure of the investment.

The WaterLilly 3.17 is the new prototype we are developing at this stage. It’s intended to be a demonstrator to show to interested investors the feasibility and to prove the profitability of an architectural photobioreactor dedicated to the production of superfood (Spirulina).

It will have a dimension of 1.5 x 0.75 x 4(h) m and will be composed of a self supporting structure, a tubular glass pbr, water pumps and tanks, a LED lighting system, photovoltaic modules, control system, and an automated harvesting system.

The prototype will be implemented for small scale indoor installations (algae bar, etc.) and also developed into big scale external facade systems. It will be tested to prove productivity and grant real numbers upon which calculate income generation and payback time.

We began the construction of the prototype in our office in Turin during the first semester of 2017 and organize visits and show off starting from the second semester 2017. The prototype can also be used to participate in EU funded programs that require a high TRL

1st semester 2017 – demonstrator prototype construction
2nd semester 2017 – prototype testing and optimization, investors relationships and show off
1st semester 2018 – investors relationships
2nd semester 2018 – design and fabrication

The WaterLilly 3.17 prototype design and construction is being developed by designers directed by Cesare Griffa in Turin (I). The biological part and the technical design of the pbr, its hydraulic and control systems are being developed by Prof. Mario Tredici staff in Florence (I).

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