The Wall-rider’s House

Ask a skater why is he riding on a wall, he will have no answer.

There is no answer to such a question. Riding on the walls is an attitude. A skater’s action driven by passion. There is any reasonable reason to ride on a wall. But it’s exciting, And fun. We just made a house for wall-reiders in Torino. Antonio and Federico have been working hard to get into the brain of wall-riders. The space experience of a wall-rider is completely different from anybody’s else. The Wall-rider’s House is conceived around the big skater’s pool with its phenomenal wall-ride. The pool is the place to experience speed, to achieve the necessary speed to ride on the wall. It’s also the core of the living room, and can be used also to lay down and talk, listen to music, read books, and watch movies projected on the wall-ride itself. But the client is a skater, and he keeps riding on the wall.

The skater’spool and wall-ride is a big furniture that includes closets, libraries and beds. Everything is integrated in this wooden multi-functional device.If skateboarding is a sort of philosophy of life that emanates from the skaters themselves through their actions, then the skaters pool of the Wall-rider’s House is the foundation upon which the space philosophy is organized.

Building the ramp is part of the trick. It’s difficult, it’s fun, it requires a lot of design and fabrication activity. Building a ramp doesn’t make you a skater, but it helps understanding the skater’s soul through an intense physical activity that challenges the common conception of space and time, and obliges to find solutions outside of the box.

In such space objects and furniture overcome their nature: helmets are on the walls, the dining table is a rough wooden plank, light comes from bulbs with no lamps, closets have no doors, bathrooms have no walls. Everything is taking action to identify the Wall-rider’s House with its beloved skaters: a different kind of humans.

Skaters are a different breed of humans, some skaters skate to get away from life and escape to a different “world”, others do it for the popularity, some just do it to pass the time. Skaters need to understand that everyday they go out for a session…it could be their last. A good skaters make the best of everything they got, they can find something to skate out of almost anything. Skaters push their bodies to the limits and then some more every day they skate, and great skaters skate everyday they can. A skater can land everything one day and eat shit on every trick the next. A skater learns something new every day and never gives up until their goal is complete. To be a skater you must be able to endure pain, you must be able to overcome your fears and you must have balls.
(Old School Boarder31 – from the web)

Project credits.
Design: Antonio Ravarino with Federico Rizzo

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