SAMMY P. first showcase @ Ventura Lambrate 2016

Our students of the Master in Smart Buildings and Sustainable Design at IED Torino spent the last 5 weeks practicing 3d modeling and parametric design softwares, digital fabrication techniques and physical computing with Arduino/Genuino. The result is the amazing installation SAMMY P. entirely designed and fabricated by them in this incredible short time. Mission impossible: accomplished!IED for VENTURA_001

SAMMY P. by IED Torino is exhibited from April 12-17
in Ventura Lambrate, Via Privata Oslavia 7, Milan

SAMMY P. is a Smart photosynthetic system that addresses two main topics of sustainable design: food production and carbon fixation. Through an integrated application of different open technologies (like photobioreactors and hydroponics) the installation creates a controlled system to grow highly photosynthetic organisms such as microalgae and other plants in the built environment with the goal of fixing CO2 and produce healthy veggie proteins.

Created by students Mohamed Awity, Victoria Calil Barriatto, Anirudh Datta, Giulia Del Din, Samuel Fiolis and Riccardo Rigo

The project has been led by the teaching staff composed by Cesare Griffa (coordinator), Marco Caprani, Andrea Graziano, Stefano Paradiso, Fabrizio Alessio, Giacomo Leonzi, Tibor Antony, and with the collaboration of Officine Arduino Torino.


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