Bioskin microalgae facade system

bioskin render

Our design commitment, developed over the last few years, in microalgae systems lays on the background of Cesare’s idea to promote the Bioskin Consortium, dedicated to the design, building and maintenance of microalgae based liquid green facades.

The Bioskin facades create a positive symbiosis within the built environment producing a series of virtuous effects for the environment:

  • reduce buildings CO2 emissions by photosynthetic carbon fixation;
  • use the algae solution thermal storage capacity to reduce energy required for HVAC;
  • create a beautiful facade that could be used to reshape ugly industrial and commercial buildings, enhancing them with new sustainable features;
  • reduce land use for growing microalgae, letting it available for other edible crops;

It’s an ongoing sparking project. Major outcomes are recorded in the Bioskin page. Stay posted by visiting it often :)

1 thought on “Bioskin microalgae facade system

  1. Facade systems structure expanded solace through enhanced sunlight. These very effective frameworks altogether lessen vitality use from aerating and cooling, warming, and lighting.

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