Our Algae go East on Domus China

May 2015 edition of Domus China n. 97 features a great 3 full spreads on our WaterLilly universe, including the study for a vertcial algae farm developped last year, and the excerpts of a conversation between Jan Wurm (Arup), Mario Tredici (Florence University), and Cesare Griffa.

A part from our contribution, it is definitely a very thrilling issue of the magazine that explores the impossibility of containing architecture into defined limits, and its trespassings in visual arts, technology, science, philosophy, fashion and music. Of course, you have to learn Chinese first ;)

From Domus China 97 presentation:
Features with the theme of “Architecture +”, this issue of Domus China are exploring how architecture has stepped in area of Art (A + Art), Technology (A + Technology) and Fashion (A + Fashion), with its unique character and attitude.

For A+F, four architecture firms cooperate with four fashion brands respectively, showing the charm of architecture and fashion echoing each other, including the new Miu Miu store in Tokyo by Herzog & de Meuron, Issey Miyake flagship store by Tokujin Yoshioka, three stores of Acne Studios by Bozarthfornell Architects and OMA’s design for the catwalks of Prada; A+A presents Jean Nouvel’s respect to a historic and joyful carousel with the power of architecture, the fascinating art work of Mimimo Paladino for a water conservancy project, Artron (Shanghai) Art Center as the cooperation between architects and artists, and the lamp design by architect Umberto Riva; while A+T leads us to Xuberance and Cesare Griffa Architecture Lab, respectively presenting the potentials of digital and biological technology for architecture.

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