Nital and Fowa headquarters

We’ve worked hard over the last two years on the interiors of the new Nital and Fowa headquarters in Turin. It’s a three stories building constructed in 2006 for another company, that needed to be refitted with new office spaces, classrooms, meeting rooms, warehouse, cafeteria, etc. Our brief was to create inspirational working and event spaces.

A black crystal reception desk welcomes the visitor at the entrance of the building. Over the head, a yellow to green rainbow bar-code graphic define the space connections to staircase and corridors. Classrooms have sliding walls that allow for a multiple transformation of the space: the unique open space can split down into three separate acoustic insulated classrooms. Rainbow is the color of the chairs.

The working areas are open spaces with glass boxes for private offices and kitchen areas to enhance social interaction. A “vintage” meeting room remembers the history of the company, that was among the first to import high quality japanese cameras to Italy. Bathrooms are playing areas: full colors and pictures of people teasing the users to create a special atmosphere.

The photo-studio is the place for trying new cameras and organizing shooting events. It’s a big black box with all the special features needed in a technological shooting space. Also the warehouse of the building has been treated with a rainbow pattern, bringing inspiration also to the most functional areas of the building. And we’re not done yet: more stuff coming soon :) Design Credits: Antonio Ravarino, Cesare Griffa, Federico Rizzo, Gianni Bruera, Marco Mignone, Marco Caprani, Matteo Amela

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