waterlilly family gets bigger and goes out!

lillybot icon h
Lilly_bot 2013: a domestic installation to grow edible micro-algae at home

Hey, check out the WaterLilly page. The family got bigger, three new members joined the 2012 components: Lilly_bot 2013Demo_Lilly 2013, and Lilly Starter_Kit 2013.

Lilly_bot-2013 is an automated device to cultivate edible micro-algae like Spirulina in a domestic environment. Having a personal micro-algae farm is an environmentally friendly way to produce and consume a complete nutritional source that grows at the highest rates through photosynthesis, fixing CO2 and producing O2. Lilly-bot 2013 is a joint project with MIT SENSEable City Lab, produced with the support of the Fulbright Commission and Fablab Torino. She will be exhibited at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven from October 19th to 27th.

Demo_Lilly 2013 is a demo machine to introduce people to the micro-algae word. Lilly_Starter_Kit 2013: a downloadable kit to grow your own micro-algae at home. Demo_Lilly and the Lilly_Starter_Kit  will be exhibited at the Maker Faire Rome 2013, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, October 3-6th 2013. Their webpages will be released at the opening of the Maker Faire.

See you very soon in Rome and in Eindhioven!

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