Center for Architecture Science and Ecology


As part of my Fulbright program, over the next few months, I will spend some time as  a visiting scholar in CASE (Center for Architecture Science and Ecology) inside SOM Wall Street Office in New York. It will be a chance to explore the possibilities embedded in parametric generated smart components for sustainable architecture  in terms of energy savings and producing. Moreover, it will be the chance to spend some time among the most innovative architects around in a unique environment of collaboration between academia and architectural practice.

From CASE website:

CASE conducts interdisciplinary research focused on next generation building technologies for a sustainable built environment. We address the need for accelerated innovation of radically new architectural systems capable of harnessing local ecological energy, and integrating better with both human and natural systems. 

CASE is a multi-institutional and professional office research collaboration co-hosted by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM). Through this partnership, the boundaries of environmental performance in urban building systems on a global scale are being tested using actual building projects as test beds. 

Co-located on the Rensselaer campus in Troy, NY and at SOM’s offices in lower Manhattan, CASE unites advanced architectural and engineering practices with scientific research through a unique and intensive collaboration between multiple institutions, manufacturers, and professional offices within the building industry.

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