Water Lilly workshop @ Fablab Torino (2)

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Some images from the two workshops hels @ FablabTorino on July 4th and July 9th. The third and last workshop will be on July 16th.

Three groups are working with Arduino boards to add interactive behaviour to Water Lilly. The idea is that she is a social creature that likes to have people approaching her, she’s happy and she boost her metabolism by absorbing more CO2 and producing more light.

The three groups are:

  • CO2: working on the control of a solenoid that would introduce micro CO2 bubbles in the algae solution, boosting growth, when people approach. There will be a display showing how much CO2 the algae are absorbing.
  • white LED: working on light pulse that increases when people approach, stimulating the photosynthesis process
  • RGB LED: working on a color fading to increase the photosynthesis process by adding RED and BLUE light and decreasing GREEN light, to create a color spectrum more efficient for chlorophylls.

More info @ the Fablab Torino Water Lilly Group

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