photo-bio creature (beta 1.0) mock up complete

First “photo-bio creature” (beta 1.0) mock up finished. A lot of fine tuning is required from now on…

what is a Photo-bio creature?

Photo-bio creatures are artificially intelligent eco-sensible organisms that can be used as low impact construction systems in architecture  to create big scale envelopes and surfaces.

They grow phototropic organisms (phytoplankton) in a biologically active controlled environment. The bio-environment is enclosed in transparent pipes that run over the wooden frame of each architectural organism. Technologies for the growing include a pumping system, a LED system, environment sensors, and an electronic control board on every organism. Different organisms might be able to interact with each other, and with people to create a live environment.


Our photo-bio creatures are conceived and fabricated using mainly open source technologies available for free (or for very cheap) to design, 3d model, cnc manufacture and hack electronics.


The architectural organisms are smart building components prototypes. In the near future, they can be explored in order to become active parts of architectural skins and surfaces, collaborating with the building systems in order to reduce energy consumption, to absorb CO2, to create thermal mass reservoirs, and to produce bio mass that can be used as renewable energy source. The components can collaborate among themselves in order to generate environmental aware behaviors, and can react to people activities becoming an active actor in the social environment.


Cesare Griffa, Massimiliano Manno, Denise Giordana, Federico Borello

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