going chemical

we’re going chemical…

As part of the exploration we are carrying out on the possibilities of developing components conceived as alive creatures to populate large architecture surfaces, we set up a series of bio-chemical experiments to figure out how to push the growing of water plants enhancing O2 production through photosynthesis processes.

The aim is to develop an intelligent component containing water and water-plants. The water would provide an important thermal mass that could play an active role in the building energy balance, while plants play an important role in CO2 absorption and O2 production creating better air conditions.

The experiments we are carrying on are aimed to collect data on the amount of O2 produced in a period of time. We are also trying different water and light conditions to understand which are the optimum to grow water plants. We are working with different PH, adding vitamins and phyto hormons, and we are testing different colors spectrum of light trying to better stimulate chlorophyll a and b.

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