green springs @ ARTISSIMA 18


Our Green Springs will be present at ARTISSIMA 18 as an installation for the Eco e Narciso space in the Museum Area at the Oval in Torino.

The installation will work as a Statistics Machine to create a constructed visualization of what visitors think about art. Here is how it will work: a Makerbot 3d printer, present in the space, will print in real time green springs. Visitors will answer the “simple” question “What is art?” by picking a single piece printed within the space and add it to one of the seven little elastic structures that correspond to the seven possible answers (1. emotion, 2. beauty, 3. concept, 4. truth, 5. knowledge, 6. status, 7. investment). At the end of the fair, the structure that will grow more will be the most successful.

This is the flyer explaining how the game works. To access the game, visitors are asked to express their emotional preference among the art works they saw during their visit.

Thanks to the many different possibilities of aggregation of the system, we expect the seven structures to grow in many different ways.

The vernissage is November the 3rd at 18.00, and the fair will continue untill sunday November the 6th at the Oval building in Torino Lingotto, if you are around, come over and play with us!

Project credits: Cesare Griffa, with Federico Borello, Denise Giordana, MAx Manno, Davide Scialò
Eco e Narciso is a project by the Provincia di Torino, curated by Rebecca De Marchi, with Maurizio Cilli, Giorgio Gianotto, Maurizio Giustetto, Luca Morena, Giovanni Semi, Giorgio Vasta
Special Tanks to Paola Zini and Fablab Italia (Enrico Bassi, Lorenzo Romagnoli and Matteo Tangi)
Follow the event on Twitter: @eco_e_narciso

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