“Life support systems” lecture

As part of the IAAC Global Summerschool 2011 program, yesterday cg and Giorgio Boscheri (Thales Alenia Space) connected from Torino (Stazione Futuro – lab 6 – hydroponic greenhouse)  to Barcelona and Mumbai for a web-lecture on Life Support Systems (LSS) in space.

Aerospace technologies in the research  field of providing the conditions for people to live for long periods in space must be capable of  transforming useless waste in usable (and necessary) matter. They have to do that by consuming the less possible energy. These systems are based on existing Earth technologies that are further developed in order to work in in extreme conditions.  The results are the complex LSS that allow the International Space Station to float 300 km over our heads, and that will make possible, in a not so far future, to plan long space missions such as lunar stations or trips to Mars.

Aerospace technologies launch a challenge to the sustainable systems for earth. As sustainable designers, we have to design the Life Support Systems for the mission “Earth”: which are our needs? which are our wastes? How can we transform waste in re-usable matter and at the same time reducing the energy costs?

In other words: how can we become, as technological humans, an integrated part of the Earth Biosphere capable of working together with our planet instead of destroying it?


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