first phase of corona verde Nichelino 2 approved!

CORONA VERDE NICHELINO 2 is the project of a linear park that connects Nichelino city center to the areas of the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi, on the south edge of Torino. This project is part of the wider Corona Verde Masterplan that aims to connect all the cities around Torino through a grenways system.

We won the tender of the Nichelino City Authority to design this part of the wider Corona Verde. It’s a very challenging site that includes urban, farming and cultural landscape.

We transformed the greenway into a linear park that connects smoothly the different landscapes. The green system is based on local plants used to enhance biodiversity. The outdoor furniture system acts as a communication device that enables to live and recognize the area.

Furnitures are designed as a consistent system that includes benches, fountains, totem, screens, little pavillions, etc. We used a design technique based on a customization of a classic grasshopper definition “sitting ribs”, that allows to create linear and curvy lines as an array of uniform little rectangular ribs. The ribs will be realized as an “artificial wood deck”, an innovative and ecological  material created by the mix of wood fibers with recycled plastics, with a very natural look and excellent resistance.

The furniture system allows to create very long continuous curvy lines of sitting (screens, etc.), that, together with the green areas, define the shape of the landscape in its transformation from urban into farming, into cultural.

Project phase 1 has been approved by the Nichelino City Council last week. It’s now undergoing an approval process in the Piedmont Region to access to realization funding. Hopefully, the next phases will start from october 2011 to be fully constructed by june 2014.

project: Corona Verde Nichelino2 (schematic design phase)
location: Nichelino, Beinasco (Torino)
client: Nichelino City Council
year: 2011
budget: 1.400.000 €
project team: studio Sintesi, C. Griffa, C. Gragnolati,
C. Martini, studio Ingeo, A. Tosi, G. Caresio, C. Tournour

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