IAAC summerschool Torino – scholarship

8 new sholarships for the IAAC Global Sumemrschool Torino workshop beginning july 13th:

  • 1 covering 100% of the fee (it gets free!)
  • 1 covering 50% of the fee (2,000 – 1,000=1,000€ fee)
  • 6 covering 40% of the fee (2,000-800=1,200€ fee)

APPLY HERE NOW! (organization deadline june 30th)

more info here.

4 thoughts on “IAAC summerschool Torino – scholarship

  1. To apply for the scholarships you need to fill the application documents that you find here (http://www.iaac.net/educational-programms/global-summer-school-2011-9) and a letter of intention for the scholarship.
    The revision committee will review your documents and decide on the scholarship
    The total payment must be made before the course starts (deadline to pay July 9).

    1. When is the deadline for submitting the application with the letter of intention for the scolarship?

  2. p.s. tha Non-refundable application fee of 50 euros must be payed.

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