RPI + Polito parametric design workshop – Torino 29 aug 23 sept 2011

POLITO + RPI parametric design workshop 2010: SMART SKIN - students projects

This year, the Parametric Design Workshop organized in collaboration between the Politecnico di Torino Faculty of Architecture 2 and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute School of Architecture will take place in Torino from 29 august to 23 september.

Teachers will be Lonn Combs and Cesare Griffa. There will be around 40 students, half coming from the RPI and half from the Politecnico. This year we’ll be focus again on the application of parametric design tools to generate sustainable architectures, and we’ll be using prorotyping tools (3d printer, lasercut, cnc milling machine) thanks to a collaboration with Fablab Italia @ OGR Stazione Futuro Torino.

To see last years works and studio images, go the Smart Skin Workshop blog and to the Smart Skin Exhibit Blog.

Cesare Griffa will be presenting the workshop Monday june 6th, 10,00 @ Politecnico di Torino,  aula R5 and R2 via Boggio.

Selections are now open for the Politecnico Students. To participate at selections, download here the application form, fill it and sent it back via email with your portfolio (pdf < 4 mb) to the specified address.

7 thoughts on “RPI + Polito parametric design workshop – Torino 29 aug 23 sept 2011

  1. Can the students of third-year of the Faculty of Architecture 2 of Turin send the application form with the personal portfolio?

    1. yes! il workshop è aperto a studenti dal 3° anno in poi della Facoltà 2. Anche studenti di Facoltà 1 possono partecipare se interessati, bisogna però verificare se per loro è possibile validare i crediti del corso.

      1. ok… perfetto, sono molto contento… invierò il portfolio non appena sistemato… grazie

  2. CIao! i would to know the deadline to send application?

      1. thank you!

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