e-monstricons on earth!!!

e-monstricon on the top of the roof of the Palazzina di caccia di Stupinigi winking at the deer

While working for the Nichelino corona verde project, we spent some time studying the baroque garden patterns of the Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi. During a visit on site, we came across a little monster that live in the roof of the Palazzina close to the famous deer. Black skin and orange eyes, nose and mouth. He (or she?) is very shy and defenitely sweet and tender despite his monster-look. Funny thing is that his face is very similar to an emoticon.

After hiding for a little while, he was curuois on what we were doing, so he apporached us. Just a few words and we were friends… he told us his story: he is not a creature of the woods, he is an e-monstricon: a little monster generated by an electric overcharge in a japanese-teen pc last march. Apparently the power was so strong that the accident ended up in the atomic materialization of 9 emoticons that were living in the pc… actually, yes… our monster is not alone. he’s got an entire family: they are 9 and they are traveling around the world!

here they are!

e-monstricons family

(more emonstricons stories coming soon…)

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