space garden

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Space Garden is a kit by Orbitec (Madison, WI) available to purchase on the web. It’s a replica for terrestrian indoor use of the growth chambers for vegetables developed for experiments in the International Space Station. Everything is engineerded to work in an indoor space at zero gravity: expandable transparent closed growth chamber, irrigation system with a syringe to avoid floating water, etc.

We bought one to try funny scientifical experiments in our hydro_pod_beta_1.0 studio green house, which for that purpose has been activated only for the lighting system. In the slideshow above, you see the images of the mounting and seeding of the spacegarden (lettuce seeds). We provided 18 hours of light/day, 1 water syringe every 2 days, and a medium temperature of 19°C, and obtained a fantastic lettuce plant fully grown in three weeks. Good for salad!

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