R.E.D. lab

a little brother of my personal blog just born… it’s called R.E.D. Lab, chiara and federico take care of it. it’s a research area. we gonna publish information about  explorations we are developing in the practice. it’s gonna be about modeling, coding, parametric control, green experiments, energy investigations…

studiogriffa.net splits in two: cesaregriffa.com, my personal blog to record events and works we are developing in the office; and R.E.D. Lab, a research unit.

from R.E.D. Lab statement: “R.E.D. is about: Research_Re-cycle_Re-use_Responsive. Electronic_Environment_Energy_Enthousiasm. Design_Digital_Data. R.E.D. is a window to a future where fancy parametric design research meets intelligent sustainable practices. R.E.D. people are e-enthousiasts, architects and designers that investigate possibilities for a future world enhanced by new technologies. R.E.D. is a r&d web-platform by studiogriffa in torino.

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