faking nature

we used this first week of knk cutting machine to explore tesselation patterns with some parametric sw and materials cuts… a pretty funny idea is the one of faking nature (insects and leaves appear quite a challenge).

Robert Elliott wrote a highly acclaimed article in 1982: Faking Nature. He offers a provocative insight into the ethical problems of environmental strategy. He explores the arguments surrounding the concept of ecological restoration. Ecological restoration is a crucial process in the modern world and is central to companies’ environmental policy. Elliot considers whether areas restored after ecological destruction are less valuable than before the damage took place. Faking Nature observes the pros and cons of the argument and examines the role of humans in the natural world.

Faking nature is also a book first published in 1997. (download e-book here)

Here’s a series of pics of fake leaves (or insects) we produced during the week… asking ourselfs which could be the human role in natural reconstruction… next step would be to make our fake little creatures perform something useful…

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