parco solare sud

our proposal for the idea competition Parco solare Sud has been selected in the top classified on over 200 entries.

from the competition brief

The municipalities of Scilla and Bagnara are crossed by some ten kilometres of Italy’s Autostrada del

Sole (A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria Highway), constructed, for the most part, in the 1960s and ‘70s

and featuring numerous imposing and, for their time, audacious infrastructures (viaducts and

tunnels). This stretch of highway is set to be decommissioned following the construction of a new

highway, composed largely of tunnels, designed to ensure the functional modernization and safety of

this route. The new section of highway also incorporates the controversial plan for the Strait of

Messina Bridge.

Thanks to a series of elegant viaducts designed by Nervi, Zorzi and Morandi, particular sections of

the original route offer impressive views of the terraced, and in many cases, virgin rural landscape to

one side, and of the sea, the Calabrian coast, the Strait of Messina, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands on

the other.

The objective of the “Solar Park South” international competition is to stimulate concrete ideas and

revolutionary proposals for the reuse of the soon to be decommissioned highway sections between

Scilla and Bagnara. Participants are invited to develop their ideas-projects starting from the basic

proposal to:

– Dedicate one carriageway (south-north) to the creation of a space for testing the production of

energy using renewable sources, the search for and successive application of new sustainable

technologies, and the implementation of measures focused on integrating the Park within the

surrounding territory through the upgrading, fruition and valorisation of landscape;

– Reuse the other carriageway (north-south) as an alternative to the National Highway n. 18, which is

both obsolete and fragile, in order to ensure better connections between Scilla and Bagnara, and

between the latter communities and the surrounding mountainous and rural territory, as strongly

requested by local inhabitants, through the reuse of the service roads and technical areas related to

the construction of the new highway.

our proposal.

Our challenge is to create an operative landscape where both territory and local human resources are processed to produce energy and work thru the implementation of a do-it-yourself-philosophy (DIY).
Visitors and locals apply their skills and knowledge giving life to a new form of soft-man-made-technology: people become active part of a natural carpet process.
Our dual goal is to debunk the preconceived idea that energy arises magically from hard-industrial-big-power stations and to spread the awareness that everyone can produce energy thru man-made technology using simple natural resources.
The project develops along a didactic-social-economic pathway divided into 4 fields (DIY_AGRICULTURE, ALGAE FARM, KINETIC FIELD, SILICON ROAD). They are all equipped with tunnel-labs, educational campus and km 0 markets and interconnected thru a light monorail, a bike trail and a trekking pathway. A virtuous cycle between nature and technology is conceived to enhance a responsible social behavior.

design credits: cesare griffa, federico rizzo, chiara tournour, federica di iorio

more info @

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