maribor ugm competition: a sparkling museum!

UGM_International competition
Maribor , Slovenia
March 2010

The competition for the new building of the UGM / Maribor Art Gallery would like to acquire architecture proposal for the building, which will become the leading contemporary cultural centre, the engine of the urban regeneration of the Drava embankment and an example of sustainable architectural planning. The new building is planned to be completed by 2012, when Maribor will hold the title European Capital of Culture.

Our proposition: the Sparkling building has a very recognizable image and can easily become a new icon of Maribor. Its architecture is not anonymous and has a strong personality, but, at the same time, the ethereal aspect of its façades, that plays with reflections and transparencies and don’t even touch the ground, makes it respectful of the surrounding area. The water metaphor upon which it is conceived makes it part of the River, which is one of the most important actors of the 2012 European Culture Capital.


project credits: cesare griffa, federico rizzo, chiara tournour, federica di iorio, panos gkoliaris

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