International Design Case – Torino World Design Capital 2008

norway design casa @ ogr torinoInternational Design Case and Shaping the Global Design Agenda, Torino (ITALY)

Events promoted by Torino 2008 World Design Capital Organizing Committee (ITALY);

Program Director is Michael Tomson, Design Connect, London, UK

Associate Programme Director: Christine Losecaat

In charge as Project Manager, Cesare Griffa attended the realization and set up of the exhibitions of 10 International Design Centers and dealt with the fitting and organization of the Conference.

Some of the most prestigious bodies linked to design temporarily find a ‘home’ in Torino, open the doors to the public to make themselves known and present their own national design situation, the policies adopted to promote it and future prospects. A swathe of exhibitions scattered throughout the centre of the city bring to Torino an original and simultaneous vision on how the culture of design is expressed in other parts of the world, ranging from the lively European panorama to the rapidly developing countries of the Far East.

The event is timed to coincide with the international conference Shaping the Global Design Agenda, where senior figures from government, industry and design from the Americas, Europe and Asia, are invited to present Design as a powerful tool for innovation and competitiveness. In a globalizing world, national policies for design are increasingly recognized as an important mean of shaping future prosperity and well being, both for developed and developing economies.

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