Torino 2008 World Design Capital: International Summer School “Designing Connected Places”

Event promoted by Torino 2008 World Design Capital Organizing Committee, Italy. Program Director: Prof. Ezio Manzini, Polytechnic of Milano, Italy.

As Operational Committee Co-ordinator, Cesare Griffa organized 6 workshops and coordinated all involved people. Moreover, he organized a design studio thanks to the synergy of the Polytechnic of Torino (Italy), the Columbia University (NY, USA) and the Architectural Association (London, UK).

International Summer Design School: 6 themed workshops, 1 design studio and 6 open lecturers with international visiting professors.

Education event dedicated to a selected group of 180 young designers from the best design schools in the world. Guided and stimulated by project leaders and visiting professors of great and proven international experience, they worked intensely on themes indicated by local “clients” and prepared by meta-design work conducted by a group of researchers from international design schools.

Starting from the specific requirements expressed, the workshops offered multiple interpretations of the questions raised, through a series of different approaches (design components, rapid prototyping, participatory strategies, industrial ecology etc.), giving life to a matrix of many combinations. The result was an ample set of design ideas that proposed practical solutions to well-defined problems and that, at the same time and as a whole, gave a vision of the potential of design for local development.

6 workshops:

ACTIVE WELFARE – Design for health and well-being

MULTI-MOBILITY – Design for efficient urban mobility

OPEN AND SAFE PLACES – Design for social life and security

FOOD NETWORKS – Design for sustainable food systems

COMPLEXITY MAPS – Design for the representation of places and


SYMBIOTIC PRODUCTION – System design and production networks

1 design studio:

PROTOTYPING THE CITY – Research on the border between design and architecture to conceive and produce an experimental public space able to respond to some of the stimuli investigated in the six workshops. Budget of the project: 800.000 €

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