corso di composizione architettonica e urbana 2008, polito

Course of Architecture and Urban Design – 72 hours – 6 credits – 140 students
Polytechnic of Torino (Italy), Faculty of Architecture, (4th year Students)


Course of Urban Architectural Design composed by two main modules:

  1. Starbooks ©: a book and magazine thematic research presented directly by the students to the class to explore a few key topics in contemporary architecture w.wide
  2. Mini design workshops series: public space design in selected locations in Torino.
    students have to design their own site strategy, starting from the analysis of the existing, trying to highlight unseen potentials to define a programmatic proposition which will be actualized thru the processing of a generative geometry schedule.
    Version 1.2: Beinasco
    – miniwoshop #01: site analysis
    – miniwoshop #02: program identification
    – miniwoshop #03: generative geometries
    – miniwoshop #04: design exploration


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Verb: Architecture Boogazine (Paperback)
by Jorge Wagensberg (Author), Adilkno Bilwet (Author), Manuel De Landa (Author), Kunio Watanabe (Author), Alejandro Zaera (Author), Foreign Office Architects (Contributor), Sadar & Vuga (Contributor), Njiric & Njiric (Contributor)

Verb Connection (Paperback)
by Manuel Gausa (Contributor), Tomoko Sakamoto (Editor), Jaime Salazar (Editor), Anna TetasAlbert Ferre (Editor), Ramon Prat (Editor) (Editor),

Verb Matters (Paperback)
by Jaime Salazar (Author), Albert Ferre (Contributor), Tomoko Sakamoto (Contributor), Anna Tetas (Contributor), Michael Kubo (Editor)

Verb Conditioning (Paperback)
by Albert Ferre (Editor), Irene Hwang (Editor), Tomoko Sakamoto (Editor), Jaime SalazarAnna Tetas (Editor), Michael Kubo (Editor), Ramon Prat (Editor) (Editor),

Verb Natures (Paperback)
by Albert Ferre (Editor), Irene Hwang (Editor), Tomoko Sakamoto (Editor), Anna TetasMichael Kubo (Editor), Ramon Prat (Editor) (Editor),

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