UIA Infopoint_electric field pavilion

This pavilion is a transmitting-device.
Every element of the program has been identified in a point charged with electric potential in a “electronic field simulation software”, according to its value of attraction (IN) or communication (OUT). The software generated a series of diagrams of radiations wich processed a 3d architectural space envelope, the cut every 10 cm vertically ( using a technique similar to the “magnetic resonance imaging”). The so generated horizontal sections are then materialized in solid flat 2 cm height surfaces, 8 cm of “air surface” lie between every solid surface, creating an effect of continuous transparency between in and out.


The construction is a simple process of layering. Plaster boards are cut on site, according to the drawing of every layer, and assemblied together with the metal framework in horizontal layers. The glass insertions have to be prepared by the manufacturers arrive on site already shaped, ready to be mounted within the plasterboard framework.


100% of the materials used in the pavilion come from the congress sponsors:
-solid horizontal surfaces: BPB ITALIA plaster boards mounted on a metal framework ( system similar to SAD5, but mounted horizontally).
-Parts of the solid horizontal surface: SAINT GOBAIN glass ( mounted horizontally).
-UIA radio space acoustic insulation: ISOVER insulation material ( PAR, IBR)
-Exposed plaster board surfaces: treated with WEBER light grey coating ( WEBER: COTE).

Plasterboard surface: 712 sqm
Glass surface: 33 sqm
Coated surface: 194 sqm

Project Team:
Cesare Griffa, Davide del Giudice, Elena Scripelliti.

Thanks to Massimiliano De leo for model making.

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