UIA Infopoint_electric field pavilion

This pavilion is a transmitting-device.
Every element of the program has been identified in a point charged with electric potential in a “electronic field simulation software”, according to its value of attraction (IN) or communication (OUT). The software generated a series of diagrams of radiations wich processed a 3d architectural space envelope, the cut every 10 cm vertically ( using a technique similar to the “magnetic resonance imaging”). The so generated horizontal sections are then materialized in solid flat 2 cm height surfaces, 8 cm of “air surface” lie between every solid surface, creating an effect of continuous transparency between in and out.


The construction is a simple process of layering. Plaster boards are cut on site, according to the drawing of every layer, and assembled together with a metal framework in horizontal layers. The glass insertions have to be prepared by the manufacturers arrive on site already shaped, ready to be mounted within the plasterboard framework.


100% of the materials used in the pavilion come from the congress sponsors:
-solid horizontal surfaces: BPB ITALIA plaster boards mounted on a metal framework ( system similar to SAD5, but mounted horizontally).
-Parts of the solid horizontal surface: SAINT GOBAIN glass ( mounted horizontally).
-UIA radio space acoustic insulation: ISOVER insulation material ( PAR, IBR)
-Exposed plaster board surfaces: treated with WEBER light grey coating ( WEBER: COTE).

Plasterboard surface: 712 sqm
Glass surface: 33 sqm
Coated surface: 194 sqm

Project Team:
Cesare Griffa, Davide del Giudice, Elena Scripelliti.

Thanks to Massimiliano De leo for model making.

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