drl10 pavillion

Competition brief
The Architectural Association School of Architecture London is one of the leading architectural schools worldwide. AADRL, a „Post Professional Course“ for architects, is currently preparing for its 10 year anniversary celebration. For this occasion, Univ.Prof.Dr. Patrik Schumacher, CO-Director ofAADRL and Partner of Zaha Hadid Architects London, has started a competition to design the DRL 10 Pavilion. The goal of this competition was to design temporary, small-scale building project, developed as a prototype for a new kind of architecture.

Our submission: Design statement
Because of the characteristics of their geometry, the Klein bottle and the Klein surface are considered as un-constructible in the real world. For the DRL10 pavilion, we explored the possibilities to build an un-constructible geometry. The process starts from a parametrical scripting analysis of the Klein surface. Parameters have been optimized, in order to obtain a surface that can easily be adapted to the site and the program. The surface has then been transformed into a non-linear structural honeycomb geometry, thru the use of a tessellation script based on the maximum length of the strands according to the Fiber C panel dimensions. The skin adopts a louver system with a density optimized on the program needs. The entire pavilion is constructed in Fiber C strands: the 1552 structural elements are cut from 11 panels 500x120x1.3cm, the 1878 skin elements are cut from 13 panels 500x120x1cm, no metal elements are required.

(design team: cesare griffa, davide del giudice, massimiliano de leo)


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