shelter in a cart

In december 2006 launched a contest called “shelter in a cart” to design a device for homeless.

from the competition brief: “you might think that doing a competition like that will not resolve the situation of the homeless. you’re right, it is ‘only’ a first step. surely nobody expected the shortlisted competition entries to have satisfactorily resolved all the difficult tasks mentioned in the briefing and the designers were not expected to come up with a final resolution of this complex problem.’street people need social assistance, not a designer’s cart!’ – some of the commenters see the cart theme as the actualization of a consumerist society trying to fix a social problem with an object. meanwhile we agree with all commenters that our goal should be affordable, safe and secure housing for everyone (who wants it), among architects and designers perhaps we just disagree about whether there can be intermediate steps achieving that goal, or how to achieve that goal. remaining passive and ‘respectable’ is condemning those who live on the street to unsafe, insecure environments. rhetoric positions taken in philosophical arguments, in which the homeless are not invited to participate, only sustain a privileged few.”

we built our 14,20€ shelter witha day and night use. here are some pix.

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